Symphonic Sorcery - the Music of Harry Potter

Music of Harry Potter

Music by John Williams and Nicholas Hooper

Narration by Doug McKeag

Performance History

  • West Australian Symphony Orchestra
  • Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra
  • Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Singapore Symphony Orchestra
  • Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
  • Regina Symphony Orchestra
  • Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
  • Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
  • Victoria Symphony Orchestra

The Concert

Take a ride on Harry Potter's flying broom -- race across the night skies to Hogwarts Academy, and relive the intrigue, magic and wonder of the first six Harry Potter stories… all on the wings of music.

Enjoy the magical compositions of John Williams and Nicholas Hooper as they create a world filled with witches, wizards, warlocks… and muggles. Your host is a delightful old wizard, who guides you through Harry's thrilling years at Hogwarts Academy. You'll meet giant spiders; learn about potions and Quidditch; and you'll fly on a Nimbus 2000.

Score and Instrumentation

Music has been selected from the first SIX Harry Potter films

Example:  "The Goblet of Fire" Concert Suite

1 Conductor
1 Piccolo
1 1st Flute
1 2nd Flute
2 Oboe
2 Bassoon
1 1st B♭ Clarinet
1 2nd B♭ Clarinet
1 B♭ Bass Clarinet
1 1st Horn in F
1 2nd Horn in F
1 3rd Horn in F
1 4th Horn in F
1 1st B♭ Trumpet
1 2nd B♭ Trumpet
1 3rd B♭ Trumpet
1 1st Trombone
1 2nd Trombone
1 3rd Trombone
1 Tuba
2 Mallet Percussion
(Chimes/Orchestra Bells)
1 Timpani
4 Percussion I (Bass Drum/
Crash Cymbals/
Large Koto Drum/Triangle/
Mark Tree)
3 Percussion II (Tam-tam/
Suspended Cymbal/
Small Koto Drum)
1 Piano Accompaniment
8 1st Violin
8 2nd Violin
5 Viola
5 Cello
5 String Bass

Technical Information

The Orchestra/ Venue will provide:

  • 2 Lavs (clip-on style)
  • 1 Ladder USR, within the orchestra (we will cover this with a grey drapery)
  • 1 Music Stand DSR
  • 1 Stool DSR
  • THE CONDUCTOR will need a monitor to hear the actors' voices
  • THE ORCHESTRA will require stand lights
  • OTHER:  1 Bottle of water per performer per rehearsal/performance

Dandi Productions will provide:

  • WE will hang a giant spider web (30' high x 42' wide) USL
  • WE will place a trunk DSL


  • WHITE wash over orchestra
  • RED wash over whole orchestra and/or upstage walls
  • BLUE wash over same
  • GREEN wash with break up gobos over entire apron acting area
  • 4 Specials in same area, #4,3,2,1 overlapping, (1-DSR Music stand & stool, CSx2, 1-DSL trunk)
  • 1 Special on ladder USR
  • #? Specials to light spider web USL
  • Lighting and sound operators are also required, and a Stage Manager to call cues, and all must be present at rehearsals. 


Sample Press Release:

Title: Symphonic Sorcery -- The Music of Harry Potter

The Concert:

Symphonic Sorcery presents musical selections from the first six Harry Potter Films. The concert is narrated by a kindly old wizard. Details of each story are revealed, so each piece of music has a dramatic context.

Media Release Info

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Doug McKeag:

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