The Twins and the Monster

The Twins and the Monster

Score by John Estacio - (35 minutes)

Orchestra Introduction & Demo (12 minutes)

Story by Tololwa M Mollel

Adapted by Doug McKeag

Originally Commissioned by the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra.

1 Performer, Featuring Norma Lewis

Performance History

  • Vancouver Symphony Orchestra
  • National Arts Centre (French and English)
  • Toronto Symphony Orchestra
  • Grand Rapids Symphony
  • Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra
  • Fort Wayne Philharmonic
  • Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony
  • Orchestra London
  • Victoria Symphony Orchestra
  • Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Oshawa-Durham Symphony
  • Edmonton Symphony Orchestra - 2001 (WORLD Premiere)


"What a fantastic concert... spellbinding... a masterpiece... WOW!"
- Teacher evaluations, World Premiere February, 2001

The Story

The young twins Azizi and Aziza work together to outwit a gruesome monster and bring peace to their devastated village. Based on a traditional African folk tale, this triumphant story travels through dark forests, vast plains and spooky swamps to deliver a thrilling tale of family unity and courage.

The exciting original score uses the rhythms of Africa to drive the fast-paced presentation, and the Twins use their own song (Fungua Fungua, in Swahili) to find each other just when things look hopeless. The story is acted out to the accompaniment of a full orchestra-score, by a solo performer using beautiful carved masks, singing and movement. Dramatic lighting and costuming create an exotic atmosphere, as powerful music sweeps the young audience to a faraway land.

This energetic tale was written by Governor General Award-winning author Tololwa M Mollel and was adapted for orchestra by Doug McKeag, Artistic Director of Dandi Productions. The lush, entertaining score is by John Estacio (Filumena), and the World Premiere was produced and directed by Dandi Productions with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, conducted by David Hoyt. The masks were created by The Old Trout Puppet Workshop.

Promotional Video Clip

Score and Instrumentation

Twins and the MonsterView a 4 page sample of the score

Each complete part is bound in its own book.


  • 2 Flutes - 2nd doubling Piccolo
  • 2 Oboes - 2nd doubling English horn
  • 2 Clarinets
  • 2 Bassoons
  • 4 French Horns
  • 2 Trumpets
  • 3 Trombones
  • 1 Tuba
  • Timpani
  • 3 Percussion
  • Harp
  • Strings

Educational Component (Optional, But Recommended)

Twins and the Monster

Download the Educational Guide (3.3 MB)

Before the concert begins, a fast-paced, educational introduction (narrated by the conductor or by a member of the orchestra) introduces the students to the various sections of the orchestra and some of the themes from the score. Students can also sing-along (in Swahili), and play their recorders as the orchestra plays "Fungua, Fungua Hodi", a song from the concert, which the “Twins” sing during the climactic rescue scene.

A comprehensive Study Guide includes Activities (including mask-making and exploring African Rhythms) and Background Information about the artists, the setting, and the art of story-telling. It also includes the sheet music for students to learn "Fungua Fungua". This concert fits very well into Elementary School curriculums with its emphasis on Music, African Studies, Drama and Family Development.

Technical Information

Twins and the Monster

This production contains several technical elements, including lighting, amplified voice, choreography, puppetry, and interaction with the audience.

The solo performer requires 8’-10’ of clear stage immediately downstage of the orchestra, and clear to both wings. Also, room to cross offstage, behind the orchestra. Closer to the performance date, a detailed, technical/running/cue script will be made available for both sound and lighting technicians, and/or stage management, as required.

Please note the elements that are to be provided by the orchestra/venue:

  • One (1) wireless body microphone/Lavalier, clip-on type, NOT Madonna-style.
  • Lighting and sound operators.
  • A Stage Manager to call Audio and Lighting cues.
  • Audio is required at the rehearsal, as well as lighting elements.
  • One litre of bottled water per performance.
  • Lighting specifications upon request: Contact Dandi Productions


Norma Lewis

View and print the following PDF files:

Download Norma Lewis hi-res image:




Discounts are available for additional Education shows or for booking additional education shows during the week when booking a family concert.

To book The Twins and the Monster and to inquire about the music rental - please contact Dandi Productions Artistic Director Doug McKeag.

Doug McKeag:

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